In my first real dating experience in high school, I “went steady” with a girl for a while. But it became apparent that she was not comfortable with silence. She would many times demand I say something if there were pauses on the phone, or if in her chatter I was perceived as not listening. Silence was definitely not golden.

But on the subject of silence, how comfortable are we with that state of being, with friends and with God especially? Does being silent mean you do not care? Or that God does not care about you?

Psalm 61:2 and 5 speak of being silent before God. It bothers me that my mind has such a hard time doing that. To empty my mind that feels only satisfied with “doing”, not “being still”. We are so conditioned that only in “doing” do we find fulfillment in our world, even Christian ministry.

Jesus was rejected by his own brothers in John 7, who mocked Him. Yet He spent much time alone with His Father, praying but also in silence listening. It is how He sustained and maintained an inner calm from the crush of life. Are we His students willing to do the same? Before we go out and “do”? Silence is Golden when we can be still and listen for His still, small voice. It is what Elijah found after taking on the 400 prophets of Baal, in his exhaustion afterwards. It is the antidote for a scattered and harried mind.