In ancient times women were treated more like property than an unique persons. Yet God was keenly aware of that status, and fought to protect them. Notice in Malachi 2, around 400 years before Christ, when the men were complaining that God was not blessing them, God responds: “Stop cheating on your wives!” “Honor your covenant with the woman you married!” “Protect her!”

Then in John 8 Jesus is confronted by the Religious Leaders who drag a woman caught “in the act of adultery”. Kill her, right Jesus? Notice there is no mention of the man caught as well. But in His amazing way He redeems the situation, and the accusers walk away in shame.

Jesus was 2000 years ahead of the #metoo movement we see today. He did not condemn the woman, but in grace He did tell her to change her lifestyle. If you have been divorced, you know the sting and the hurt, If you are married, treat you spouse with dignity and respect. Malachi 2 still applies to the protection of women. Women are in no way inferior in God’s design, he made them unique and special.

As Jesus’ students, we need to stand up against the abuse of women. Perhaps #metoo for us as His followers need to be #Himtoo. He was fighting for justice for women long before it became politically popular.