Bible Bunkers

Are you afraid of spending time with people who do not believe as you do? Whether because of your faith in Christ, your political views, or those who just do not think as you do, we tend to build “tribes” around those who “walk” as we do.

Do you recall that Jesus hung out with “sinners”, and was accused of being a glutton and drunk because of it? By the hyper “religious” of his day, too. But one step further, please. Do you think that all the “tax collectors and sinners” fell before Jesus, at his feet in awe? NO. But some did, and Jesus continued to be Himself by mingling who those who did not agree with Him. He was not afraid of their rejection. He wanted to get to know their stories, to build relationships by friendship.

Hurling Bible “grenades” at those who disagree with us does not change hearts and minds. Changed lives that are observable make people want what we have to give away, by friendship.

So take a Democrat to lunch! Or a Republican! Hear them out. Be comfortable enough in who you are to quit hiding in your Bible Bunker. Engage your world, model what our Teacher did.