There was a car commercial a few years back which always ended in a small boy saying “Something’s up!” It created an atmosphere of expectations.

Such is the atmosphere of John 11 and the raising of Lazarus. Jesus delays going, telling His students that something big is about to happen. Because they, like us, cannot grasp the power of Christ, they think He means physical rest is helping him. Jesus responds with “No guys, not this time. You will see something that will rock your world.”

Notice the reaction to Lazarus coming out of the tomb after being dead 4 days. Belief and betrayal. Some of the observers ran to the local religious mafia, and told them what happened. Do they praise God? NOPE. “Oh no, He is is going to take our power away from us!” Miracles don’t always bring belief.

If Jesus were to perform a miracle today, in our hyper critical world, on live television, would the reaction be any different? Facebook and Twitter would explode, experts would demand DNA testing to prove it. Would it change lives? For some yes, but many would doubt and demand more proof.

If Jesus were to perform a miracle for you today, would it change your life in permanent ways? Would it rock your world, too?