Time's Up

There is a climatic scene in Star Trek: Insurrection where Captain Picard prepares to sacrifice himself in an exploding space station. As the crew of the Enterprise race to save him, Picard says “Time’s up!” and presses the button for the bomb to explode. Of course, they rescue him in the nick of time.

But I am intrigued that in John 12 Jesus uses the same phrase: “Time’s up!” when some Greeks wanted to see Him. He knew it was time for suffering and death and resurrection. He said He was “storm tossed” emotionally in what He was about to face. There would be no rescue, no way out. His students would run like rabbits from Him at crunch time. He would be all alone with evil men whose hate wanted Him to be tortured and die slowly.

His blood may have run red that day, but He did not run at all. Have you considered that lately? He withstood whips with bone embedded, thorns being crushed into His skull, fists being pounded into His body, sharp nails being driven into His hands and feet, and the eyes of sadistic men who delighted in His suffering and anguish. For us. What kind of love could do that?

Time’s up. He knew this was coming, and did not run from it. Isn’t He awesome and cool and worthy of thankfulness today?