Have you been falsely accused of something you did not do? Has gossip and slander been hurled at your character? Have you felt helpless to defend yourself when false information is spread concerning you? It stings and burns, right?

May I encourage you to read Psalm 69:1-21 as part of your quiet time? It describes a helpless trauma with powerful effect. It also connects with Jesus on the Cross, with none to comfort Him, enemies gloating over His torture, even being offered sour wine to drink. At one point it asks, “why do I have to pay back that which I did not steal??”

To be attacked without just cause should not lead us to stoically stuffing the pain emotionally. We need to verbalize it, to cry out as the “waters are up to our necks”. On the Cross, in His agony, Jesus cried out “Where are you??” to His Father. He did not stuff His pain.

Why should we not follow His example? Verbalize to Him and a trusted friend how much it hurts to be falsely accused.