The Gospel of DO

What genuinely excites you today? A bonus at work? Is your baseball team in the playoffs? Your children do something really special?

Does your faith in Jesus excite you? The idea of a WOW Creator who simply cannot wait to spend the day with you to truly be the Best Friend you really want?

The flip side of this is duty alone. I have to read my Bible and pray…. I have to DO so Jesus will not be disappointed in me! His frown of disapproval drives me to DO so He will like me. But the Gospel of DO crumbles into disillusioned, dispassionate grit and get.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of those types of days. Our circumstances drive us to the ground like a battering ram. But our Best Friend is still there with us, groaning with us. At times like that, when we moan, He does not just expect us to grit and get. DOING bows before BEING, a sense of His pleasure over you, and that He will shield you from more than what you can bear.

Jesus is more beautiful than words can do justice. Truly, does having Jesus in your life bring you inspiration or perspiration? It really matters in the ordering of your day.