The Door

I read The Message daily as part of my devotional time. It was translated by Eugene Peterson, who held a PhD in Semitic Students, and was well qualified to do so. He died this week at 85. And according to him family, he died unafraid of death, and at peace.

A few years ago a friend of mine was dying of cancer. He was a brilliant teacher who loved Jesus fiercely. As I walked into his room, he smiled and grabbed my hand from his bed, and said “How are you?”. I was stunned by his total lack of fear about what was happening. He died two days later.

Psalm 73:26 states that through our heart and flesh fail, God is our strength and portion forever. Death is simply a doorway into eternity we pass through as Believers, to be welcomed into the waiting arms of Jesus.

Friends, do not fear the Door. It opens into a future beyond words and comprehension for beauty and brilliance. Eugene Peterson’s last words were “Let’s Go!” He saw something that awaits us too. “Therefore comfort one another” was Paul’s take. The Door is beautiful, not ghastly.