Salt Grass

If you were to be stranded in the desert, and needed water badly, look for indicators of salt grass. It is a plant that always grows near water. It’s roots go down about 10 feet, but in many cases the water table that feeds it is only about half that deep. But you have to dig to get at it. It requires effort and time, but you do it because it is required for survival.

Is your faith in Jesus “ in the desert” this morning? Are you desperately looking for Living Water to sustain you, because this whole God thing is empty and parched in your life? Is it really worth it?

Can I give you a couple of “shovels” to help you dig? Check out John 20:29 and 1 Corinthians 13:12. Our digging is not wasted. Jesus said you are blessed if you hunger and thirst for right living, and Him. So don’t give up! Dig! Your faith is not wasted! Living Water awaits your thirsty faith.