The three friends faced a stark choice: bow before a false God, or burned alive in a blazing fire. They refused and said that their God was large and in charge. If He wished, He would deliver them from the flames. But if not, they would not bow the knee to another.

But then the story gets fascinating. They are tossed into the super heated furnace, and Somebody joins them in walking around in the fire. Keep in mind, this is no camp fire to roast hot dogs. Yet they walk out when summoned smelling like Febreeze after clean laundry! No smoke smell, no damage to their clothes. If you have been around a campfire you know that your clothes end up smelling like smoke. Not so with these guys. Amazing!

Yesterday I met a client to go over her insurance needs, at a local restaurant. To my delighted surprise, she announced she was a Christian and would like to offer thanks for the food. I eagerly agreed.

Pushing back against the flames of evil makes us who follow Jesus “firefighters” just as much today as in ancient Babylon. Jesus walks with us today as much as he did the 3 friends eons ago. A simple prayer of faith is just as effective a flame retardant as coming out of a fire unharmed. Be a firefighter today.!