Paint Brush Blues

When I was in college I needed to find work to pay for the costs of attending school. A friend of the family offered to pay me to paint her house. I had no training or experience, was just handed a paint brush and scraper. “Go get “em”. It did not go well. No training generally brings poor results.

Do you sometimes wonder how to “train” to be an apprentice of Jesus? I can truly say he does not just give you a paint brush and walk away! He knows you will make mistakes, and He is ok with that. That is what apprentices do, they learn from their mistakes.

Read the 4 Gospels of the New Testament slowly. See the how and why Jesus did what He did. Everything He did is in there by His design, as a Training Manual for us. Scripture teaches that God looks upon the “heart” of those who chose to be like Him. He knows you will mess up today! But then He smiles and says, “Keep trying, you are getting the hang of it.”

We have a “how to” manual called Scripture. Don’t get discouraged today when you mess up, it will happen. Instead see His encouragement and affirmation that He believes in you, and keep trying. That is a teacher who I can love to learn from!