Why did Jesus refer to Himself as the Son of Man so much in the Gospels. Just a cool title? Nope. I read this morning in Daniel 7 about a “Son of Man” taking authority over the nations. Jesus knew His Old Testament well by study. Also remember that at age 12 He was blowing the minds of the Jewish leaders with His understanding.

Daniel’s prophetic vision was several hundred years before Christ came. For those who cared to investigate, Jesus was making a point: “I’m that Son of Man”. Scripture connects to itself. Going back to Moses, there are references to Someone Greater coming in future history, which Jesus was.

So the scoffers who mock His Second Coming, who feel that prophecy is a myth, remember that Daniel had other future visions as well. Some have been fulfilled to the letter, but others still await to be fulfilled.

The clock is ticking. The technology exists today for things to happen in quick order. Do not laugh at Daniel. He saw things which he tried to describe that overwhelmed him and left him “pale” in his appearance.

Scripture connects to real life. Prophecy is still coming true in our day. Hold tight to that Truth, Christ follower!