Comedian Robin Williams committed suicide in part because he suffered from severe depression. The happy face he put on the outside hid a dark spirit inside which consumed him. Clinical Depression creates a hopeless feeling and feelings of unworthiness. A sense that nothing matters. Even for sincere Christ followers.

When we come before Christ daily, we need to be keenly aware of our weaknesses and admit our great need of His care. We have to drain our pride and tell him of our desperate need.

Notice in John 4 that story of the “high official” of the king who comes begging Jesus for the life of his son. Jesus at first puts him off. But the father will not be put off. He shreds his pride and pleads harder. The powerful, and the not so powerful, have a hard time admitting their deepest need. Only the does Jesus swing into action.

There is a shame associated with mental health weakness. But until we admit our great need, only then can help be found. Admission is a powerful word. But it still moves Jesus into action today. He designed godly counselors, Scripture, and and caring friends to help. Whatever your weakness, admission is the first step to healing.