Yesterday we spoke of admission of our weaknesses. To really shred our pride and ask for help when we are desperate. And desperation with perspiration is the state we find ourselves in more than we would like to admit.

In John 5 we find Jesus in conversation with a man paralyzed for 38 years. “Do you want to get well?” seems an odd question, right? But instead of “you betcha!!” the man goes analytical and starts listing the reasons why he cannot. Jesus did not ask for that. He said, “Do you WANT healed?”

He still asks us the same question! And more times than we would like to admit, we go analytical too. Or could it be that the crutch has become too comfortable we lean on? It is good for sympathy and getting attention, right?

Admitting weakness in our lives is a big step. But the NEXT step is wanting to overcome it. We must truly want to overcome that weakness. Acknowledgement follows Admission in the healing process. “Do you WANT to be healed?”