Civil War

The American Civil War of 1861-1865 pitted brother against brother at times. It was brutal, savage, and left scars foe generations.

Judges 19-21 is also a tale of civil war, with no redeeming quality. Lust, murder, rape, the tribes of Israel at war in brutal combat. It's graphic, designed to show how low the heart of men can sink. Savagery is never far beneath the surface of any of us.

Is there Civil War within your household or family today? Are there unresolved issues that are waiting to explode? Have you tried to be a peacemaker to defuse the bomb?

"It's his/her fault!" Fair enough. But you are responsible for your part in cleaning up the mess. 

Don't be an emotional casualty in a Civil War in your family. Do what you can to get your family "bomb" from going off today.