The Green Tree

When Jesus was being sent to his execution, He saw some women crying along the way. In effect, he told them: If people will act like this now, wait till things get really bad around here! Cry for yourselves! 40 years later Jerusalem was a pile of rubble, crushed by the Romans.

Our nation is falling into armed camps of shouting bitterness. Whoever screams the loudest wins the day. And all this in a booming economy and nearly full employment.

What happens when the "green tree" of good economic times ends? How will we act then? When the next economic cycle hits, what happens to all the name calling, personal insults, and petty animus? I don't like to thing of that much vitriol unleashed, but a nation without God devolves into selfish narcissism.

I would ask you to pray for our nation. For those in authority over you, even if you don't agree with their brand of politics. Our Green Tree in America is suffering from Dry Rot, from the inside out.