How to mess up a date

When I was in college, I had a desperate desire to date a certain girl. I had seen her on the campus and was trying to figure out a way to ask her out. Unfortunately, one Sunday evening in the cafeteria with friends, she walked by and I made an absolute fool of myself in front of her. Now, I had no idea she was anywhere around, but I certainly made an impression! The look she gave me would have melted glass, and my buddies were rolling in laughter. It took awhile for the flame in my face to go back to normal. What could I do but laugh at my folly?

Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself and your foibles? I am convinced God laughs with us, and not at us. He made us to have a sense of humor, and there are times He must just shake his Head and belly laugh.

He knows we are dust. Learn to laugh at the silly stuff of life which happen. Not in a mean spirited way, to show superiority. But there are times we do things which evokes a "Are you kidding me?" The Bible says laughter does good like medicine. So don't take yourself so seriously at times. Learn to laugh at the foibles in life, especially your own!