Lazarus Rises

I have always been fascinated by the story of Lazarus in the New Testament. After being dead four days, Jesus raised him to life. But understand, when Jesus announces he is was going to do it, his sister's first response was "But he is going to stink!" They could not grasp what Jesus could do.

Las night my friend Jeff called me to talk late. I stared at the phone in astonishment, as his caller id showed as the phone rang. This was my friend, who was given up for "dead" 24 hours earlier by his wife and doctors. I had grieved and wept over him, and now he is calling me??

We had a wonderful, short conversation. His humor is as intact as ever. But he knows God spared him. I have a video of his students praying, holding hands around the flagpole at school. It is a story of God unleashed, with the prayers of His people.

Do you doubt God's power when you pray? Then ponder this true story of another "Lazarus" this week. WOW!