The Loss

When my friends Jeff and Dave were rushed to the ER within three days of each other, both with searing heart pain, it was a "are you kidding me" moment for me.

One suffered a massive heart attack, the other yet to be determined as to the cause. Two men who are close brothers to me, struck down. Men in apparent good health, who love Jesus and follow Him daily. Yet afflicted physically with potentially the Big One.

Friends, do not assume that as we follow Jesus we become His cosmic pets. His plans for us are good, yet at His timing He may summon us Home at any time.

That does not change the pain in this life for those we love and care about. God made us to be emotional, and I have wept over both of these friends, in fear of losing them in this life. And also for the loss for their families.

In His mercy, as I write this God has answered the prayers of His saints for both men. Both have been spared to live longer on this earth.

But if both had been taken, is God still good? I would answer a strong YES  to that. He knows best, and I choose to be a little child in faith holding my Poppa's hand. Will you join me in that, please?