The Price of Desire

I always cringe inside when I read the story of David and Bathsheba. I like my heroes to be really good in all they do.

Yet David, who has everything in this life, goes off the rails when he sees Bathsheba taking a bath. He summons her for one purpose: to satisfy his physical desires.

When she becomes pregnant, the downward spiral gets worse. An honorable man, her husband Uriah, is murdered in battle, so David can cover up his sin. It is heart wrenching to see the heroic David stoop this low.

But God calls him on the carpet in the person of Nathan the Prophet. And death and intrigue never leave David's home and family after this.

But David repents, and is forgiven. And Solomon is the result, for he and Bathsheba. And Solomon has it all and throws it away on his desires, too. What a wreck!

Guard the eyes of your heart. And be content with what and who you have in this life. We are no different than David and Solomon!