Rusty Hinges

Reaching out to try to find safe friendship is a difficult task. Because if do not proceed with a caution flag in the building of the friendship, you are not being wise. Within all of us in Christ we battle the selfish impulses so much. We want to protect ourselves, because we know the pain of rejection and loss. So the doors of our hearts become rusty, as we live a life of heart failure.

Recently I had the strange experience of 3 close friends who were rushed to the hospitals with physical heart problems within 5 days. Thankfully, not one of them died. Their passing into eternity would have devastated my emotions and spirit.

Yet I do grieve when I see people who have emotional "heart attacks" walking around. They have so inoculated themselves from being close to anyone, that a conversation about the weather is considered successful. There rusty hinges of their heart cannot open up, which they know they want but are terrified to do.

Friendship, real honest deep friendship, should never be rushed into. The seeds of friendship take time, to see the character of the friend in the winds of life. Are they a "safe" person? Can they keep your secrets in confidence? Do they demand trust right away, or they do they earn it slowly and correctly?

Take a risk soon, and try developing new and loving friends. Put some WD-40 on those rusty hinges of your heart. Your Creator designed you for this, to love and be loved! Take your time, and allow love to grow. It is so much better than living in a cave alone.

Gary Luiten