True Friendship

One of he hallmarks of an unsafe person is that they are willing to apologize, but not willing to change their behavior. If you have a friend who is more concerned about being caught than taught when they fail you in word or deed, a problem exists. That person cannot be trusted with your confidential matters, and a boundary needs put in place.

Look for true friendship where a friend truly grieves when they fail you, and their character is beyond reproach. Over time they are consistent in their care for you, and their lips do not leak your secrets.

Perfect friends do not exist in this life, but God has made us for relationships. Cherish character in the friends you trust! They are priceless.

Isolation kills the soul. God knew Adam needed companionship, and made Eve. The power of connection enhances our lives, fills our emotional lungs with fresh air, and provides shelter when the storms of life pound on our heads. Don't hide; abide in the character of those people who choose love toward you, warts and all!