A Person of Integrity

Psalm 100 speaks of being a person of integrity at home. The goal of the Christ-follower is consistency, transparency, and a life that can stand up to scrutiny, especially at home with family.

The truth is that your family knows you better than anyone else. Nothing much is hidden from their eyes. If your behavior patterns are radically different on Sunday from the rest of the week, the family will see and perceive it quickly.

None of the followers of Christ achieve perfection in this life, that occurs when we go to Jesus when He returns, or we fade from these earthly bodies. But a Person of Integrity understands that God is slowly changing us from the inside out, to be more like Jesus in this life. An imperfect copy, to be sure. But the wisdom and integrity becomes more pronounced and observed as we daily ask to be more like Him. 

Do you believe this? Do you want this in your life? Don't be a game playing Christ follower, who wants to be seen with a halo on his head on Sunday. Be a Monday-Saturday believer too, full of holes and warts, but confident He is pleased with you. Be that Person of Integrity in your home!