The New Testament teaches that the Spirit of God holds back the worst impulses of men, but even so there is plenty of evil to go around in our days. In the times of the Old Testament it is recorded that child sacrifice was common in serving Baal. Cannibalism is written concerning the people of Israel during a siege against the capital city and great famine. It is disturbing and disgusting how low the human mind can sink to survive. Evil thrives when life become all about me and my desires. We are reduced to the level of animal behavior.

Today we live in a time of record wealth, low unemployment, and prosperity in America not seen before on this planet. Yet the unhappiness won't go away, as men and women seek for something they know is out there, yet unattainable. I read today a news article about a pro sports team afflicted with "the disease of me". Supremely talented, they only care about themselves and "getting paid".

Without a real purpose in this life, "the disease of me" is universal. We grasp and groan and whine when our wants are not met.

I have found that only in serving Jesus and others is there any real satisfaction in this life. I enjoy having food, shelter, and clothing, to be clear. But I have found my Purpose is not in "things", but instead seeing life through the eyes of Jesus, who did come down to be served, but to serve others.

How about you?

Gary Luiten