Dust in the Wind

Years back there was a hit song by a group called Kansas entitled "Dust in the Wind". Extremely secular, it describes the futility of life as being dust in the wind.

Psalm 103 does much the same thing, except from an eternal perspective. Verse 14 states that God knows our frame, that we are dust. He gets us because He made us. God does not expect perfection from us today, because He knows us all too well. But He does expect us to look around and see He is a powerful God and worthy of admiration and praise.

He is so merciful and kind to us when we mess up, and looks upon us in love, He is quick to forgive when we admit our wrong. If you did not have this type of earthly father, this may sound strange and foreign to you, But don't you want this type of "Daddy" watching over you, even as an adult?

Yes, we are "dust in the wind" in this life. But not like the song from Kansas. We are eternal "dust" that has meaning in this life and the next. God richly rewards those who pursue that perspective. Why not you?