"Ain't that right?"

Growing up in the South, I often would visit a friend of mine at his home during my teen years. My friend's mother had an annoying way of trying to get me to agree with anything she stated as fact, by saying "Ain't that right?" in her Southern drawl. It was her manipulative way of trying to get my acknowledgement that she was correct in her views. I was at a loss to know how to speak up if I did not agree with her, because courtesy when you are a guest in that culture is considered paramount. So I would go home agitated and irritated that I did not know how to speak up without causing offense. 

Do your friends do the same to you today? Do they assume that you agree with everything they say or do? Do you feel manipulated when that happens? Do they pull out the "Ain't that right?" on you?

Friends, speak the truth in love. Let your voice convey firm compassion as you say: "I understand your point, but....." or "I am not sure I agree because......". Don't be silent when truth is begging to be spoken, to someone that you care about. They may be assuming control of an issue that you know needs confronted. Proverbs says that wounds from a friend are better than kisses from an enemy.

Stand up, Speak up, Shut up. And let your friend hear truth from your mouth. Keep your friend from grievous error. Because "That IS right!"