A Desolate Woman

II Samuel relays the wrenching story of Tamar, a daughter of King David. Scripture says she is a beautiful woman. But she is raped by his own brother, Amnon, who schemes a way to bring her to his bed. 

She protests and tries to reason with him, but he won't listen. And because he "is stronger than her", he fulfills his lust. Afterwards he feels hatred for her, and throws her out, with her weeping. And the Bible says that Tamar lived as a "desolate woman". Scripture doesn't try to make this a G rated story, or glamorize it Hollywood style. It simply relays truth as to how dark the heart can be, even in families.

There are women who read this today and possibly some men who can relate to this story of sexual abuse. Of physical violation, of the loss of self respect, of the feelings of "desolation" and being held in contempt by the sexual perversion of the one "stronger than you".

If this is you today as you read this, my heart breaks for you. God weeps as well. He gives men and women free will, and this is a part of the choice he gives us for good or evil. And in our culture today, sadly there are more and more "Tamar's" who exist.

The evil doer who perpetrates this monstrous act WILL be held accountable before God. But that doesn't heal the hurt now, and shame of the one who was violated and then tossed aside as garbage.

Seek help if this is you. Don't be a desolate woman (or man). Go to a godly counselor or pastor and let them help process what happened, to bring healing to the scars you carry. There is hope and healing. The shame can be overcome. Don't be a silent Tamar!

Gary Luiten