First Love

I had my "first love" experience in 5th grade. My heart did back flips every time this cute girl would walk into a room. We even "went steady" for a while, until I caught her kissing another guy backstage in the auditorium. I was wounded and hurt for a while after that. 

According to the Psalms, God knows about "first love" too. He knit us together in our mother's womb. He beamed with pride at us as we grew inside her. You were His "first love" because there is no one else like you in your uniqueness. He still does heart flips over you, particularly when He sees you do things He created you to do. 

"Did you see THAT?" echoes through the halls of Heaven when He bellows out applause for your giftedness. The angels join Him in applause as the echoes thunder through Heaven. But He also can be hurt and feel the jolt of sharp pain when you walk away from Him. His emotions run deep in His feelings over you. " His Spirit tugs and pleads with you: "Come back to me!" 

Do you ever pause to think about that? A suffering God, who cherishes you from the womb to the grave? Who desires a close walk day by day, just listening to the sound of your voice. He knows the plans He has for you, for good and not for harm, per the Scriptures. 

Don't reject your First Love today! Spend time with Him, tell him about your day (prayer), and ask HIm to guide and direct your steps. "Go steady" with God today.