Fire and Fury at the Gates

Did you wake up this morning with a sense of being overwhelmed and helpless? That you are surrounded on all sides with nowhere to run?

in 2 Kings King Hezekiah felt that way. The powerhouse army of Assyria is outside the walls, taunting him and ready to blow up Jerusalem. "That God of yours is worthless like all the others!" "He can't save you!"

Hezekiah goes to church. He falls flat on his face. He begs God for help. And God answers, and wipes out the Assyrian army overnight. That story is in the Scripture not just for history, but as a lesson for those of us who believe in Him today. When desperate faith is verbalized, God hears and moves.

What is your "Assyrian Army" that is taunting you with jeers about life and your faith? "You screwed up so bad there is no way God is gonna help you this time!!" "You really are a loser!"

Trust, Turn, Try! Admit your great need, and believe in His great power. Make friends with your needs, they lead you to God!