The End of the Road

Helping families deal with the end of life issues is such a emotional gut punch. When the term "hospice" is brought up, there is a catch in the voice as that term is realized for what it is. Death is coming for the family in the future. Loss, regret, end of life good byes, getting the house in order financially, numbness and emptiness in the brain, which leads to the shedding of tears. 

Inside each of us there is a voice that screams "NO! This is not right, it is not as it should be!" And that voice is right. God never intended death to be the last word. 

In Mark 8 it is recorded that Jesus tells his disciples plainly he will die in the near future. Then be raised to life. Peter, being who he is, grabs Jesus and tells him no way. But then Jesus turns and sees his disciples wavering, not sure what to believe. "But you can't die!" must be in their thoughts. Jesus is giving them a hospice warning. Because hospice says life is about end in the near future. 

Jesus does die, but he comes back, and brings victory over that dreaded last enemy: death. Paul writes that death has lost it's sting for those who believe in Him. But my point in this today is that Jesus understands the trauma of the End of the Road as we face it. He gets the fear, the wavering of our faith, the "Is it really true?" that there is life beyond death. He weeps at this, with us, because he know how it feels to lose a loved one on this earth. So don't be ashamed of how you feel, or think you are a wimp. The End of the Road is real, but it leads to life everlasting. There is no Hospice in Heaven!