The Crush of Expectations

Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game. His game is so superior to about anyone else on the planet. Yet he pursues history over and over as he chases the "rings" of being the best team each year. It is a never ending quest, and he is burdened beneath the expectations. He can only do so much as a single player.

Jesus took one for the team, too. He singlehandedly defeated death "once for all" on the Cross. When He said "It is finished", it was game over. The return to life proved His point. His team won, and we as His followers get to celebrate that fact forever. 

You may face the weight of expectations today.... your job, your boss, your spouse, family. But as you give your effort today, remember we are waiting for the celebration to begin soon. Jesus has hit the buzzer beater to whip death. Hold on to that fact in the day of life you face today.