Blame Game

Our culture is a blame society. Whenever something goes wrong, immediately we search for the culprit. It is so much easier to assign blame than to give understanding and grace. 

Finger pointing has become a science. Instant analysis is always available on the news, and there is always an "expert" in our lives to tell us just how badly we messed up. "You should have done this..." or "Why didn't you do that?". "If only you had listened to me..." and on and on it goes.

Friends, even as Christ followers we mess up daily. But don't let that define who you are. Do not let the critics define who you are either. In the eyes of Jesus you are pleasing and accepted as you are right now. He's working on filling in your weak areas today as you let him.

The Blame Game is not for you. Don't participate in it. Work on what you can control, your thoughts and actions. Finger pointing is never going to end well. Be defined by who HE says you are, not those around you!