Bad news Bearers

In this day of technological wizardry, what is done in Israel or Asia or China can be known around the world within a very short time. We simply cannot fathom life without "news", and usually that is bad news.

I have to work at guarding my heart against the relentless drumbeat of what the President says, some powerful Senator believes, or that someone else just got shot, stabbed, or sexually assaulted. The MeToo movement has brought that out into the light of day.

The evil that man is capable of is just as sickening as it was in the days of Isaiah the Prophet in the Old Testament. Parents would sacrifice their children in fire to appease some god. The God of Israel detested and abhorred that horrific practice, and condemned His people for following it. 

Yet Psalm 112:7 states firmly that the righteous man is not shaken by bad news. That he trusts in his God when evil is unleashed. I find myself at times far from that goal, as I find myself seeing what is in the news instead of believing Jesus when He said there will be "wars and rumors of wars", that ethnic wars and evil will continue on till He comes.

So I need to fix my eyes of letting Jesus change me today from the inside out, to believe that bad news cannot shake my faith in My Boss, Jesus! Yes, bad news will happen today. But I do have a choice in how I see it. So do you.