"Why would they do that?"

So just how is it with you and your parents/family this morning? Is there peace between you, and can you have a healthy conversation without anger and finger pointing? What about other family members? Does the mention of a family member get your blood pressure rising?

Absalom turned on his father David and tried to steal his power and authority. But David did not seek vengeance, to his credit. And he grieved the loss of his son when zealous soldiers of his killed Absalom. Death did not heal his deep wound over his son. And it won't stop your wound, either.

It is very easy to seek retribution when family turns on us. We want our cause to be justified, to seek to clear our good name. "How could my parents/family member turn and say or do such a thing about me??" And the urge to strike back with hot words is so close to the surface.

Some of you have already lost your parents to death, while others have a tenuous friendship will your living parents. Are there steps you can take to heal old wounds? Can you honestly say you have exhausted all options to restore what is broken in your family?

You are not a pinata to be sliced and diced by family or those who have betrayed you. And yes, there are boundary issues which need examined. But please,  know in your heart you have done all that is possible to restore what is broken, before the door closes permanently on parents and family.

Romans speaks of "as far as it is possible, be at peace with those around you". That includes your parents and family, especially blood related. Don't be a martyr, be a restorer!