Pursing Wonder

King Solomon had every earthly blessing a person in this life can imagine. He was an extraordinarily brilliant writer, thinker, and out of his mouth flowed wisdom that brought other rulers to his throne just to listen to him. 

His wealth was truly staggering. I Kings lists how much he possessed. Yet he found it all so empty. In the end he found no comfort in any pleasures of this life. No amount of riches, no amount of beautiful women, exotic food, could ever satisfy his soul. Ecclesiastes is his bitter lament at the end of his life. 

In 1 Timothy 6 the Apostle Paul tells his student Timothy to not forget wonder in this life. Money in itself is a worthless god who is never satisfied, and the lust for it drives men to serve it ruthlessly.

Today I see the beauty of a spring day outside, the birds are singing, the gentle breeze of the day. I have food, shelter, and clothing. Yes, there are times of suffering in this broken world. And misery often brought on at times by the darkened hearts of those who only serve their own desires.

But for just a few moments today, can you get lost in the wonder of what is around you? Can you praise your Creator for his active role in sponsoring the air, sunlight, breezes, and the friends who love you today? These are hints of lies before us in Eternity.

Could you do that today?

Gary Luiten