The First Roar

Have you ever experienced the roar of the oceans? As the surf pounds and the water slams against the rocks, the noise level can be awesome and conversation nearly impossible. But the effect of those moments last with you, the incredible power of the sea.

Psalm 96 speaks of the power of the sea, and the trees voicing their praise toward their Creator. That He is worthy of praise.

There is plenty of other noise that is loud and demands of our attention today. Bills need paid, a family member needs immediate care, cars break down, the "roar" of the day is ever before us.

But remember to praise your Creator as the First Roar you do today. He is the giver and sustains Life itself, and he would like you to know He is thinking of you today. Think of the trees "clapping" their limbs together in the wind. The oceans "roaring" their might as they crash into the land. The use of the moon as its gravitational pull keeps the water from overwhelming the land.

So do the First Roar of your day. Join the sea and trees in saying "Thank You, Daddy!" for the gift of this day!

Gary Luiten