Starry nights

I have been fascinated by "the heavens" above us since I got hooked on Star Trek when I was 10. No Thursday night went by without me watching the latest episode of Captain KIrk, Mr Spock, and Dr McCoy. Of course that series began a whole generation of outer space adventures involving warp speed and "beam me up, Scotty!". 

Do you ever wonder what is "out there" as you look up on a starry night. The truth is even with Hubble Telescopes and all the advanced technology we don't know much. We see billions of stars, black holes and super novas and it simply overwhelms our comprehension. How can a Being claim ownership of all that?

Yet God does! In Psalm 115 the Psalmist declares that "the heavens are the Lord's heavens, but the earth he has given to the children of men". In the book of Genesis it starts by stating that God created the "heavens and the earth." 

And yet while He made it, and it was declared "good", what He really wants is relationship with we who are "dust"! I truly struggle and stagger with the words to write what that means. But only by faith and my ability to believe He made all those stars in the heavens can I accept it. The day is coming soon when I will be with Him in Eternity, and I so look forward to asking Him about all those stars above me. "What does that one do, Poppa?" 

Take heart, Christ follower! That means you,too! Those days await us. Remember those "starry nights" have purpose. They reflect their Creator!