The Empties

Do you feel worthless and powerless this morning? That you bring nothing to the table of life? Others may accomplish great things today, but you... not so much. You may know the Scriptures about how God loves you, but it is head knowledge only. The Good News hasn't seeped into your spirit today.

It is so hard at times to integrate our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives together. Head knowledge and heart knowledge don't connect at deep levels. And if our physical brain has a chemical imbalance which needs attention from your physician, it only confuses us more.

It is easier at times just to say, "God will heal me", than to use the applications He has provided for us. Medication for our brain may be a part of our healing. Comfort from an understanding Believer who has suffered as you do. Using a Professional Counselor who is a Believer. Avoiding those who use the PAS codes as a fix for who ails you. PAS is Pat Answer Syndrome, "Are you reading your Bible enough, or praying enough, or using enough faith?". The advice may be well meaning, but it avoids getting into the mud where you are today.

Berating yourself for feeling this way only doubles the load of guilt and shame. Honest acknowledgement of your pain and helplessness is the beginning of healing.

Psalm 119 says that "He is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path". Does that sound like a God who doesn't understand where you are at this morning? He knows the way of your healing, and he will light the way for you! Don't be a turtle that pulls into his shell in abject surrender to the emptiness you feel. Get Help! Reach out and take steps to overcome "The Empties" you face.