When was the last time you were awake in the night? Tossing and turning, reshaping your pillow, frustrated that sleep would not come. How about last night? Does this sound familiar? Are you all too familiar with the pattern in the night?

Psalm 119 speaks of watches in the night, of being awake and talking to God late and early both. Insomnia was not new back then either. But in Christian circles today admitting you are struggling can be viewed as weakness, of not having enough "faith". I detest that viewpoint.

God has a way of surprising me. Yesterday I met with a friend for what I thought was a business lunch. Only it turned into something else entirely. Out of the friend's mouth poured angst and anxiety and fear of a life situation she faced. She has been awake in the night, not knowing how to square up a real problem she faces. But in His kindness I was able to suggest a way to deal with it that gave hope for her future. Last night she texted a thank you, because she had not planned on sharing it when we met. It is how God designed us to be, sharing our burdens with Him and those we trust.

So if you are churning this morning in your mind, please hear me. Let churning be for making butter, not overloading your brain circuits. Seek God in the night when the issues pile up, admit you cannot fix this without help, and go to trusted friends who love you as you are right now. Don't churn and burn inside. Learn. God has a plan to help you "in the watches  of the night."