The Good Father

What does a father at home look like in today's world? Like a Marvel Superhero in the movies? Or the anti-hero character, who is haunted by his fears and well knows his weaknesses? Can he jump tall buildings with a single bound? When I was 10 I remember wanting to be like Spider Man, so I tried to build a tree rope that would allow me to swing through the wind just like him.

What does a Good Father look like for his children to emulate? The words that come to mind are trust, honesty, consistency, transparency. His word is good, and if he says he will do something, he does it. He desires to be like his Creator, and studies Scripture to learn how to make it so. A Good Father knows his kids are watching his every move, and does not shrink from that privilege. 

While on this earth, Jesus spoke of doing what His Father wanted Him to do. They spoke often in prayer, and He showed what HIs Good Father really was like. At one point He said to His disciples, "If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father". What an example of emulation.

There was a tv show a few years back called "The Good Wife". It painted a picture of a far from perfect family, with a father who was conniving and cunning. A selfish man who was far from ideal. Grasping for power and influence. Not the example God desires. But too common in today's world.

Celebrate your father Sunday on Father's Day. Scripture says to honor your mother and father, even if they were more anti-hero than heroic. Remember what good things they tried to do for you, and give the grace needed for their flops. Remember your Perfect Father in Heaven, too. He would like to hear from you as well.