A Time such as This

I have read the story of Esther in the Old Testament several times. Yet the verse in Chapter 4 where her uncle challenges her to accept she is where she needs to be in God's timing is so challenging.

In my line of work, the more you do, the more they expect. They expect me to "reach my full potential". Translation: bring in more business, and make more money for them and me. But making money as a god is a cheap alternative to serving the Real God who made Heaven and Earth.

But I want to treat people like Jesus would, to care for them individually as people worthy of respect and dignity. And also the people I work with in my business, because my bosses need to see the love of Christ modeled in today's world. I am bothered when I hear those who claim Christ in the world I work with use His Name in disrespectful ways, and find no issue with that.

How are we any different from a non believer if our words and actions state their is no difference? So I find myself trying to make that difference as I rub elbows with the leaders of my company, in times that I truly did not see coming a year ago. A Time such as This is now upon me, and I want to be found faithful such as Esther was many years ago. I would encourage you in the same way.