A Disrespect For His Making

More and more common today is the middle finger salute, the f bomb, the casual heated disrespect for those around us. We instantly are offended when someone cuts in front of us while we drive, or gets in front of us at the grocery check out line. The ability of social media to say whatever we want without consequence. We as Americans take great pride in our First Amendment rights of free speech.... until we are trashed by someone who disagrees with our viewpoint. Then we unleash vitriol upon the same "free speech" person because we are angry. Did your know that avoiding "sensuality" in the New Testament can mean no regards for consequence of action?

These are signs of moral decay and rot in our land. And sadly it goes on in our churches as well. We proclaim Christ and attack our brother and sister if they don't measure up to our standards or expectations. To be "right" is more important than to be a servant of those we are called to serve. Why go to a church when it represents the same values as those who don't?

James in the New Testament wonders how we can talk out of both sides of our mouth. Sweet and Bitter water cannot flow out of the same spring. We praise our Lord, and we curse those He made. 

Paul speaks of avoiding "brawling" in the church. It is not meaning physical violence, but shouting over another Believer to have your way.

So watch out for what is pouring out of mouth in these days. Scripture says that "out of the heart the mouth speaks".  Seek your words carefully these days, and monitor your actions, especially with those who disagree or flat just don't like you. Let Jesus defend you, He is pretty good at that!