Character Leaks

I distinctly remember the first time I had to change a flat tire on my father's station wagon. The right rear tire went flat, and I had to change the tire in a gravel pit, but at least not in the rain. Today I have one of my cars which seems to be a nail magnet and over the past year it has ruined three tires. But at least the on board computer in the car has warned me that the leaking air was happening. So my car mechanic sells me a new tire before the car cannot be driven.

Can we apply that to our lives this morning? Are you having character leaks in your soul lately? Perhaps you know that you are doing something in word or deed routinely that is wrong, and the "computer" of Scripture is telling you something needs to be done about it. But you resist, and the air keeps leaking our of your character, until your character tire is airless, and ruined for future use.

Be careful if you scoff too quickly at this analogy. Scripture tells us to take heed if you think you are standing just fine, because you might be in for a fall. And even more so if you have been a Christ follower for years, and think you are immune to leaks in your spiritual tires. A humble self examination may be in order. Even a Ferrari does not go anywhere with flat tires! See if the on board computer of Scripture is trying to get your attention concerning character leakage.