Psalm 127 speaks of the blessedness of a father and mother who have children, whose "quiver is full" with them. An analogy of the bow and arrow, with arrows waiting in the quiver.

Yesterday at our church we heard the loud voices of children singing for our VBS Sunday. And how they sang! They raised their voices to their Maker and showed Him they loved him. It was a fantastic moment of praise and worship. 

When was the last time you sang and danced before Jesus? When did you just "cut loose" and sang your heart out before your God? On key, off key, does it matter? The Bible says to sing and make melody in your heart to God. If it makes the pigs in the field nearby run for cover, who cares? I have heard of farmers who sing their hearts out while on the tractor, over the roar of the engine. 

Do the cares of this life have you so constricted that you feel you can't breathe? Praising God does wonders to freeing your soul from that crushing burden. Does that mean the problems vanish? No. But it helps to make you see that He is with you in the storm you face, never to leave you, never to forsake you. 

So sing!! Make it simple, to last your whole life long. Be like a child in your faith in your Poppa today, and let Him know how you feel. Shoot some praise from your "quiver" at the One who is crazy about you.