The Right Thing

When was the last time you read the short book of Jonah in the Old Testament? He is the only prophet that God spoke to say "NO! to an assignment that we see in Scripture. And not just no, but run the other way to boot!

Since you were young you have known about "the great fish" that swallowed him for three days. We don't know for sure what the fish was (Whale? Or Great White Shark!), but it had a big mouth and stomach for sure! And then even after Jonah goes to Ninevah, he complains bitterly that God has the audacity to rescue the bums!

I am so like Jonah! I want to run the other way much these days, as God gives me tough assignments. He reminds me that He made me for these days, but it is so much more attractive to whine about what He wants done for His sake. So I have to choose to obey or not, and I have been obedient, but still wobbly at times.

Are you facing something God wants you to do, and being resistant today? "It's too hard!" "They will hate me!" "Please God, someone else!"

Please don't run like Jonah. He found out that obedience is the better path, even if the motives are not always pure. Do what the Lord wants you to do, and don't end up with seaweed around your head, as Jonah found himself inside the great fish. Do the right thing!