The Fork in the Road

Over the weekend I spend a joyful time with a dear friend of many years. The laughter and teasing and merriment were evident during my visit to his home in Indiana. But what was different was the understanding that 5 weeks before he nearly died from a massive heart attack. The physicians had told his wife that he was in grave danger of dying. His life was in the balance........

For the Lord's own purposes he spared my friend's life. And therefore my visit was not a wake, but a time of fond memories and laughter. And the Proverb that states "laughter does good like a medicine" was certainly practiced arduously!

Yet Psalms 116:15 states the "precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints". My friend knew that if Jesus had allowed him to die, he knew where he was going. He had that assurance in his mind. Because as Paul teaches in the New Testament, "apart from the body, present with the Lord". We as Believers go in spirit to be with Jesus, and then when He returns we get immortal bodies which never die.

So I had much to celebrate over the weekend. My dear friend of many years was still with me, and his family still had a father and husband. But we also knew that death was not the last word if the result had been different. Grief? Oh yes. Tears of loss? Absolutely. But not the end.

As you ponder eternity and your life, celebrate today! It is a gift from your Creator. And don't fear tomorrow, for as His students that is taken care of too. As Paul put it, "comfort one another with these words."