Stormy nights

"So where is God when I hurt and am afraid? How come I don't feel His comfort? Just what is he doing when I am so scared of what is happening in my life?" WHAT do I do?"

Very legitimate questions! And God does not take offense when we cry out to him in strident tones. If you check out David in the Old Testament he did this several times. "WHERE ARE YOU? Don't you see or care what is happening to me???"

King Hezekiah in the book of Isaiah is about to lose everything, including his life. The enemy is at the gates, taunting Him and mocking his God. So he goes to church, and pours out his heart in anguish to God. He begs God for help, and admits his great weakness to do anything else. And He answers Hezekiah with a mighty show of power to deliver he and his people from death and destruction.

Those types of struggle stories aren't there to take up space and be filler material. The same God who did that can and will answer you in your hour of distress and pain today. How He answers you in is the hands of His creativity and design. But the Book of Hebrews say He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He wants you to pour out your heart like Hezekiah did. And walk in faith like a little child holding his Father's hand on a stormy night. 

Suffering alone is never part of His plan! Go to a godly friend and pour out your heart together before Him. And believe He will answer, and wait on Him to do so. The faith of a little child is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, and He waits to hold your hand today.