Horse Talk

When a horse is ridden hard, such as a long gallop, it needs to be rubbed down afterwards with straw or sacking to remove the sweat and grime on its coat. If not the animal can suffer or become sick. Hence the phrase I learned at a young age, "rode hard and put up wet". 

I was reminded of that phrase this morning when I read Psalms 118:13. It reads "I was pushed hard till I was falling, but the Lord rescued me." So many people I deal with daily can understand that verse. They are pushed to their limit with their circumstances and troubles. But some do no cry out to their Creator, because they think they are unworthy, or God has left them, or the problem they face is too much for anyone, including God, to help with. 

So like the hard ridden horse, who is not cared for afterwards, they are "put up wet", suffering and alone, with no hope of rescue from their pain. What a travesty! The very One who longs to help them, because of their lack of faith and the choice of Free Will, cannot bring the healing the person so badly needs. "But the Lord rescued him" is the left out part of the verse. 

Hey Christ Follower! The Lord God is waiting to give you a good rub down like a cared for horse after a long and hard ride for your day. He knows you need Him, after you have been "pushed hard to the point of falling"! By prayer and faith reach out to Him today. Believe this verse is for you!