Tree Crashers

One of my favorite movies is "George of the Jungle". It is a hilarious, zany spoof of the Tarzan movies. George spends a lot of the time slamming into trees as a way of stopping himself when he is swinging from vines. One of the main lines of script is "Watch out for that.... TREE!" (Crash).

Psychologist John Townsend in the book "Safe People" relates a true story of his young sister on a family vacation running down a steep path in the mountains and losing control. A barbed wire fence loomed in front of her, and the only way she could stop was by turning her body at high speed and slamming into a nearby tree. Though she sustained bruises, it stopped her from the damage of hitting barbed wire and lacerating herself severely. A tree saved her from far worse damage.

Do you need to be a "tree" to someone you care about today? You see a friend is headed for a reckless fall from bad choices, and is careening out of control toward that "barbed wire". What do you do? Are you willing to take the punishment of being hit when you tell them the truth in love, using gentle words? If they turn on you in anger, but listen and stop the behavior, was it worth it? 

Psalm 1:3 speaks of a tree planted by the water, whose bears fruit in season consistently. Are you willing to be a "tree" today, who is willing to help someone you care about, offering to take the "smash" of their "dash" into destructive choices, by confronting it?

Are you the "safe friend" they need today? Be a "tree" who cares!