The Way I Take

Job is in despair. He is suffering emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Nothing is going right. His entire world is turned upside down, and everything in his pockets is being shaken out. It is a miserable existence. His verbose "friends" assail him with guilt trips. It is a miserable "camp fire" experience for Job

Yet in Job 23 he makes a remarkable statement: "He knows the way I take, and when it is done, I shall shine like gold." How in the this world can he make that statement? When his world is absolutely a mess, He still trusts in the God he serves. Could you or I do that? For myself, I have my doubts at times.

I used to enjoy camping as a teenager. We would sit around a campfire and enjoy baked potatoes and hot dogs and baked beans. I was surrounded by Safe People who I knew had my back, even in trouble.

God is a Safe Person, who "dwells" with us. The word "dwell" in the Bible can mean "encamp". Just like my friends in my camping days who shared laughter and serious thoughts alike, God is also. He has your back, is "for you" and not against you. Even when the thunder and lightning of life crush our souls, he is still in the camp with you, listening and offering wise counsel. His promise to never leave you or forsake you is legit. He is incapable of lying, which is so foreign to us.

So like Job, He knows "the way I take". And the greatest act of faith is to trust Him in the dark, when you have no choice but to hold His hand. A crumb of faith is stronger than a mountain of doubt. Whatever you face today, allow Jesus at your campfire in the dark!